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Top Slider -  is a hidden container with module position "topslider"

What is it for?
Any kind of module you want, which should be hidden but good visible as its click button is always top center, for example, announcment, note, warning, disclaimer, login, share buttons or any other which you think is the best place for it..

This element has the fallowing features:

1-4 parallel modules
customizing backgrounds of container and button
text fields for open and close buttons

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To do Design you want never was so easy using WYSIWYG Customizing Editor. All you do you can see without saving or reloading the page.

Note: Base version has limited functionality, some elements will not be saved though will be changed in customizer. You can play with it and see how would your template could look and if you find this useful, you always can get Pro version.

See screenshot

customizer 01

OK Elements are the different elements like an Email, Telephone etc which you can display in different parts of template, all you need is - select it in the dropdown list of the template style settings. 

This template has 7 places for elements - 2 in the topbar, 3 in the header, the navbar and footer can have one element(it's not necessary to use all 7, it's just a question of choice)

For now framework has the following elements to select:

  • Email
  • Telephone
  • Both Email and Telephone
  • Follow Us(Social Media Icons)
  • Icon Modules
  • Share This(Post in social media)
  • Search Form

some more are in development...

Screenshot - selection an element to display on topbar left

select element

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Mega menu is multicolumn dropdown top(main menu). You can select which one to use, simple(all dropdown menu items will be in single column) or use multiple. Read documentation how to use

Screenshot - admin dashboard

megamenu 1

In Base version you can customize the topslider, header and sections(10 top and 10 bottom module position containers). In Pro version you can customize almost all elements.

See as example this page - no any boring css customizing, just did via admin dashboard within 10 minutes

Screenshot - example of base customizing fields


clean customizing