Top Slider -  is a hidden container with module position "topslider"

What is it for?
Any kind of module you want, which should be hidden but good visible as its click button is always top center, for example, announcment, note, warning, disclaimer, login, share buttons or any other which you think is the best place for it..

This element has the fallowing features:

1-4 parallel modules
customizing backgrounds of container and button
text fields for open and close buttons

Top Slider Close Slider

Another elements are Social Media.

We are going to have both

  • you urls in social media(fallow us) - it's already exists
  • social share(share this page) - is in development, and will be added in next versions.

On this page we placed it for you in all available position(topbar left and right, navbar on right and footer)- just you could see.

Also you can select how to display your social links - by default it's as icon, but also there's an option to display it as a button with capture - see it as buttons  here top left 

See the screenshot below

social customize mid 1