Our template has a lot of method to do the look of your site the unique.

Here some samples referring to header only.
Custom Image.
Use the colors and preset patterns.
Different types of Navbar(transparent, solid, translucent dark or lite).
Use modules like slideshow, parallaxslider, search custom etc.
Use different combinations of template elements.

Custom image Background.

This option is the best if you have any idea about your original header using any nice image referring to the theme of your site. You simply select image and add it as header image, optionally you can set the header height or add any module to do header higher, as well you can just set heigh manually.
Tip - you can find a lot of absolutely free nice professional images here pixabay.com
The image background can have 3 types of attachment.
Normal scrolling.
Fixed position.
Parallax scrolling.

Use the colors and preset patterns.
You can try different combinations of colors and textures. All preset textures are translucent, so you can have the same texture in different colors.